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Not drinking right could be the reason that your body is more vulnerable towards illnesses and falling sick more easily. Some water could be acidic (pH of 4 ~ 6). Some could be lacking in nutritional values or contaminated with bacteria.  

With the WROOTBOL CAPSULE you can easily have good quality and healthy alkaline water naturally (pH 8.5~10), that is rich in nutrients, smaller clusters of water molecules, negative ORP (negative ORP means higher  anti-oxidants, anti-aging) and bacteria-free; all within 1 minute.

Made with Quality.
Only high quality and natural ingredients are used in every WROOTBOL CAPSULE. Contained in the capsule is a specially formulated carbon block made of 100% NSF STD 61 Certified coconut based granular activated carbon and coated with  99.99% pure nanoparticles silver. Through absorption, it effectively removes various volatile organic compounds (VAC), various pesticide, contaminants and microbial properties such as E-Coli, Coliform, and etc. The proprietary blend of the alcali beads and far infrared beads is composed of calcium, magnesium, potassium, tourmaline, zinc and silica; and are added to naturally enhance the pH of the water and to reduce the oxidation reduction potential (-ve ORP).

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