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Not drinking right could be the reason that your body is more vulnerable towards illnesses and falling sick more easily. Some water could be acidic (pH of 4 ~ 6). Some could be lacking in nutritional values or contaminated with bacteria.

With the WROOTBOL CAPSULE you can easily have good quality and healthy alkaline water naturally (pH 8.5~10), that is rich in nutrients, smaller clusters of water molecules, negative ORP (negative ORP means higher anti-oxidants, anti-aging) and bacteria-free; all within 1 minute.

Made with Quality.

Only high quality and natural ingredients are used in every WROOTBOL CAPSULE.

Contained in the capsule is a specially formulated carbon block made of 100% NSF STD 61 Certified coconut based granular activated carbon and coated with 99.99% pure nanoparticles silver. Through absorption, it effectively removes various volatile organic compounds (VAC), various pesticide, contaminants and microbial properties such as E-Coli, Coliform, and etc. The proprietary blend of the alcali beads and far infrared beads is composed of calcium, magnesium, potassium, tourmaline, zinc and silica; and are added to naturally enhance the pH of the water and to reduce the oxidation reduction potential (-ve ORP).

Acid-Alkaline. The Balancing Act. 

The human body is constantly maintaining a delicate acid-alkaline balance for optimal health. However, the typical diet today comprising processed foods and refined sugars is excessively acidic. As the body adjusts to the acid overload, it borrows from the body’s alkaline reserves, hence depleting it. Over time, this leads to the instigation of health problems.

DRINK RIGHT with the WROOTBOL CAPSULE helps the body to effectively maintain its acid-alkaline balance and boost the body’s immune system whilst delivering optimal hydration. In short, when the overall pH is slightly alkaline, the human body functions at its best. (+ve/-ve)ORP & Anti-Oxidant.Water with positive Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) can be as harmful as low pH (acidic) water. Negative ORP means better anti-oxidant properties, hence better for anti-aging, cellular health, neutralising excess acids and regulating the body for optimal health.

With WROOTBOL CAPSULE, the ORP of the water will be in the range of -180 ~ -250 mV, which is naturally ideal for the human body.

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Health Benefits. 

There are many studies that support the benefits of alkaline water. Alkaline water has shown to positively affect different parts of the body concurrently. For example, consuming alkaline water over time, whilst promoting weight loss, the body is also detoxing, rate of bone loss decreases and so does the blood pressure. It is a modest but yet, a balanced and holistic approach towards better health.

Some of the key benefits as shown by various studies: 

• Spurs weight loss.
• Better hydration than regular water.
• Healthier liver.
• Better digestive system.
• Detoxification & boosting the body immune system.
• Better brain health & stronger bone health.
• Drug-free defence against high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, bone loss & kidney stones.
• Cholesterol reduction.
• Improves energy levels.
• Improves skin health and anti-ageing.

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